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The Problem

Police brutality is real

American teens in the USA today are unaware of police brutality and how it affects them, as well as how often it occurs in their area to people just like them.

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The App's keyFeature

Location tracker

Based on the geolocation api we will generate a map that shows the rate of police brutality around their area


We are making a game to promote the website. Both the game and website will supply users with facts regarding police brutality as a result of racial profiling. The game is to engage teens into the topic of police brutality; based on our interviews it is generally viewed as an "overhyped" topic by teens.

Uploading videos

Many times when it comes to racial profiling people overlook the small conflicts that happens near their area. By adding a video uploading feature people could upload videos about what happened to them or record someone else being brutalized nearby, to help show how frequent these events occur.


We will add a commenting system so people could express their thoughts on a certain video.

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